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"Every member of the team was incredible, kind, thorough, attentive and our made our stay the most seamless experience possible. An incredible stay!" – Tuftra Findelbach

Fam Spratt, April 2022

"Amazing accommodation, perfect. Modern clean lines, warm and perfect for a large group with an awesome communal area. Theo’s menus were well balanced,delicious and beautifully presented!" – Tuftra Findelbach

Family Chalmers, April 2022

"Super friendly staff, fantastic food and great wines. An amazing holiday in Chalet White Pearl." – Chalet White Pearl

Family Varner, February 2022

"A superb team and excellent service!" – Chalet White Pearl

Family Turner, February 2022

"Exceptional accommodation, everything we needed, a fantastic stay at Apt Balma, we can’t wait to return." - Apt Balma

Family Manya, December 2021

"Chris and Asher were amazing. Always available, took care of everything!" – Aria Penthouse

Greers and Andersons, December 2021

"Absolutley love our stay! We will be back! Chris is a fabulous manager, responsive to everything." – Tuftra Penthouse 6

Gaye Landsell, December 2021

"Pedro & Sofia turned a 5* chalet into an exceptional holiday, very personab le and super professional. Excellent team!" - Tuftra Findelbach

Richard Lee, December 2021

“Hi Asher, we want to wholeheartedly thank you for the exquisite stay we had with you at White Pearl. We were amazed by the incredible team you have put together, by the atmosphere, and of course the chalet itself. A sincere congratulations to you for managing a company that treasures and cares for its clients in this way. A true gem. We look forward to another opportunity to meet you and the team.”

Ania, Switzerland March 2019

“Amazing food, perfect service, quality of meals was seriously world class as were the chalet team, an excellent holiday in Aria Penthouse”

Foster Family, USA, February 2019

“From the time we booked to the moment we checked out, we were thrilled with our accommodation and stay in beautiful Zermatt. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime, Zermatt is simply magical!”

Wright Family, USA, December 2018

“Brilliant holiday, very pleasant and extremely efficient chalet staff, excellent food!”

Attwood family, United Kingdom, April 2016

“Our stay was perfect, we cannot really think of anything we would change”

Drake Family, USA, March 2016

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